Our range of
speciality finishes.

NX NextFX™

Our range of speciality finishes.



This would have to be one of the most exciting finishes for specifiers.

Imagine a roof or wall panel whose colour shifts subtly from warm terracotta to rich copper brown and finally to vivid green. Offered by PPG Industries, polychromatic coating delivers a palette of vibrant colour while offering unparalleled protection.

This range integrates energy saving technology that meets world industry standards and regulations, including Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED®) and ENERGY STAR® criteria for steep-slope cool roofing.

RAL Colour Matching

Talk to us about matching RAL colours. Our colour specialists will work with you to get the exact colour you want, while maintaining product integrity.

Patterned Finishes

Pre patterned steel is a smart option for sustainable design. It allows consistency of quality and gives a better performance than post-applied patterns. It also cuts down maintenance and repainting (compared to post-applied pattern).

Woodgrain Finish

Create a sense of warmth and home, with the strength and durability of steel and aluminium.

Ask us what’s possible.


Anti Graffiti

Graffiti removal is labour intensive and costly. Nexteel’s™ Anti Graffiti application gives you a uniquely tough and innovative non-stick surface that makes most spray paints easy to remove.

Self Cleaning Additive

Highly valued in countries such as Singapore, this additive helps to keep building services clean and degrade environmental pollutants. It actively responds to not only UV light, but also visible light and is easily incorporated into existing paint systems.

Photo credit: Matthew Carbone, provided by PPG

Photo credit: Matthew Carbone, provided by PPG

The Nexteel™ Advantage.

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