Oz Roof + Nexteel.

Between Revolution Roofing and its pre-painted steel supplier, Nexteel, you’ve got a powerhouse of form and superior colour performance.

The image shows a re-roof from Adelaide Roof Restoration Specialists, Oz Roof. Specialists in roof restorations, roof painting and re-roofing for residential properties, they have transformed this home owner’s residence.

Originally a terracotta tile roof, it had, over the years, worn and started fretting. This led to many broken tiles and on-going leak issues for the home owner.

The team from Oz-Roof advised the home owner to undertake a full roof replacement with the Revolution Roofing True Oak Deep Superior Corrugated 21mm profile in a Woodland Grey finish, using a NextSTAR™ pre-painted steel.

In investing in a superior steel product (True Oak and Nexteel) the home owner enjoys the benefits now and into the future with the longer warranties.

Nice one!

Nexteel is colour!

Colour in Focus: Baldivis Senior High School, WA

This progressive high school wanted to create inspiring learning spaces for their students and this called for a new approach to not only the building shape but the colour.

The orange and yellow as seen in the images were made bespoke for the project.

Builder | Pact Construction
Architect | JCY
Custom Colour | Mandarin, Aztec Yellow
Rollformer | Revolution Roofing

Nexteel News.

Nexteel News for February 2021. Good to see the new colours are being welcomed by specifiers and installers alike.

Featured colour is Freycinet™. NextSTAR™ Freycinet™ is the only high performing pre-painted steel sheet on the market which offers a full material warranty when installed as a Roof Sheet and a Wall Cladding. Whilst other products on the market can offer similar thermal values, they are not supported with a material warranty when used as a wall cladding.

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Mark Hardy talks Nexteel™.

As we release our premium paint finish NextSTAR™, Mark Hardy is the man to contact for more.

Read what he has to say about the pre painted steel industry in a recent Business News article.

Whilst respecting social distancing norms, give him a call on 0458 181 555 for an online or small (distanced) group presentation.

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The McGoverns versus True Oak

Jeremy and Andrew McGovern tested the strength of the True Oak Superior Corrugated by Revolution Roofing.

True Oak and Nexteel, a great partnership.

Now available in 100% Nexteel.

Nexteel™ Adelaide Launch

Held over two days in October 2019, Nexteel™ launched at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Even though the name is new, this next generation painted steel line is brought to you by industry expert, John Easling. The launches were a seamless mix of product and entertainment, innovation and inspiration.

Special guest performances by The Angels and One Wild Night (Bon Jovi Tribute Band) made these two nights memorable.

Nexteel™ Perth Launch

Following the success of the Adelaide launches, Nexteel™ rolled into Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre for more spectacular light and music shows. Once again industry support was overwhelming. Innovation, choice and next generation thinking our promise to the built environment.

The Nexteel™ Advantage.

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